【Need 书爸】最常用葡萄牙语口语1000句●恋爱和结婚(一)



汤姆 is a lady-killer. 汤姆是个美男生.

汤姆 dates around a lot. 和广大才女来往

Tom is a real playboy.

汤姆 really turns me on. 汤姆真让作者心潮颠倒

I’m crazy about Tom.

I have strong feelings for Tom.

I love Tom.

I have the hots for Tom. *俚语。

I didn’t know you felt that way.

克里斯 is really a heartbreaker. 克莉丝长得的真帅

Chris breaks a lot of hearts.

Chris dates a lot of women.

Janet is a knockout. Janet真迷人.

You can say that again! 颇有同感

Janet is sexy.

Janet is beautiful.

I think he has a crush on you.他就如看上你了.

Give me a break. 别随便瞎说。

I think he is infatuated with you.被…迷住

I think he likes you.

2018年全年资料大全,Jane seems to like me.


I’ve got the feeling that Jane likes me.

I think Jane likes me.

I have a hunch that Jane likes me. 预感

Diana’s been coming on to 杰克.戴Anna对杰克有意思.

I can’t handle a girl like her. 我不敢打像她那样姑娘的主意.

She’s too much for me.

I’m dying to see her. 作者格外想见到她!

I’m trying to make a pass at her.我想追求她.

I don’t blame you. 小编通晓你

I’m trying to pick her up.小编想把她弄到手

I’m trying to get a date with her. 和..约会

You broke my heart.你也太狠心了.

I didn’t mean to…作者不是相当意思;


Are you free tonight?明早没事吗?

Yes. Why? 有空,干嘛?

Do you have plans tonight?

Are you available tonight?

Are you busy tonight?

Do you want to go out with me tonight?今晚你能和自己一块儿约会呢?

Let’s go out tonight.

If u’re free, why don’t we go out tonight?

Would u like to go to the movies with me?愿意和自家一块去看录像吧?

I’d love to.作者很乐于

Let’s have tea or something.

Let’s have something to drink.

How about having a cup of tea?


Pls keep me company for a while. 能陪陪小编啊?

I’d like to invite you to a show.


Would u like to go to a show with me?

May I ask you out?作者能和您约会吗? *ask out约会。

Sorry, I have a boyfriend.

Would you mind if I took you out?

Would you go on a date with me?

Are you trying to pick me up? 你是想和我约会吗?

Are you asking me out?

Are you asking me for a date?

Are you asking me out on a date?

Where do you want to meet?


Any place you want.

What time should we meet?


How about seven?



I want to talk to you.小编有话要对您说.

Can we talk?

I’d like to talk with you.

Are you seeing anyone now? 你有对象呢?

Yeah, kind of. 嗯,怎么说啊;

Do u have a boyfriend/girlfriend now?

Are you dating anyone now?

Do you have a partner?

What do you think of me?


What do you think about me?

I think you’re great.

I love you. /I’m in love with you.

You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.你是作者看看过的最美的女子.

You’re the most beautiful woman I know.

I’m crazy for you.伱使自身发疯.

I’m crazy about you.

I’m infatuated with you. 你使作者心潮颠倒

Don’t play hard to get. 别虚情假意

She wouldn’t even talk to me. 甚至

She’s playing hard to get.她在吊你的食量

Don’t be a tease. 戏弄

Don’t play games.

Don’t pretend you don’t want me.

I don’t want to get serious yet.


I want you to meet my parents.

I’m not ready for a commitment.

I don’t want to be tied down.

I just want to have fun.

It was love at first sight.那是一见依然.

I fell in love with u the first time I saw u.

I loved u the first time I laid eyes on u.

I wish I had never met you. 我真希望平昔没遭逢过你.

I regret meeting you. 后悔认识了你

I wish you were never a part of my life.

You’re my type. 你是自身喜欢的那连串型.

Why do you like me?

You’re the right girl for me.

You’re my kind of woman/man.

You make me happy.你使作者感觉到幸福. –You do, too.

I’m happy to have known you.


I’m happy to have been a part of ur life.

I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you.

You have beautiful eyes.你的眼睛真美

Your eyes are beautiful.

You’re sweet. /You’re so kind.你真好

You’re sexy. 你真正感. /You’re hot.

Let’s walk hand in hand. /Let’s hold hands.大家拉开始走吧.

May I hold your hand? –Sure you may. 作者可以牵你的手啊?

You’re beautiful. 你真赏心悦目.

I want to know all about you.


I want to know everything about you.

Tell me all about yourself.

I want you. 小编想要你 *男女都可

I need you. 我急需你.

You’re everything to me.


You’re mine. /You belong to me.


I’m yours. /I’m all yours. 小编属于你。

I can’t live without you.没有您自己一筹莫展活下去.

I don’t want to live without you.

Life isn’t worth living without you in my life.

You mean everything to me.

You mean the world to me.

Come closer. 再走近自个儿些.

What’s on your mind?你想什么吗?

What are you thinking about?

I think of you night and day.


I think of you constantly.

You have won my heart.

There will never be another you. 你是以此世界上绝无仅有的人.

I’ll never find another girl/boy like you.

You are very unique. 你是这么独特。

I like your dress. 你的裤裙真地道。

Oh, thank you. You like it?

That’s a nice dress.

That dress looks good on you.

You look good in that dress.

Nothing is too good for u.为你自身在所不惜.

You deserve the best. 值得

Are you seducing me? 你在利诱作者吗?

*seduce 特指点诱年轻的女性

Are you coming on to me?

Hold me tight. 抱紧我.

Don’t go away. 别离开作者.

Stay around. /Stick around.

I can’t help falling in love with u. 不可以不(作者不大概不爱你.)

I can’t stop myself from loving you.

I’ve never felt like this before.


You’re the one for me. 你是自身的独一无二

I’ll love you forever.我永远爱你.

I’ll love you my whole life.

I always speak my mind.


I always say what’s on my mind.

I’m always honest. 诚实

Love me, love my dog. 爱屋及乌

Be gentle(肩头). / Be soft. /Please do it gently. 请温柔些.

Love me more. 再多爱小编些.

Look at me! 看着我.

I fell in love with 罗斯. 作者爱上了罗丝.

Does she love you?

I’m deeply in love with Rose.


I love Rose from the bottom of my heart.

I love Rose with all my heart.

Smooch! 唧!*代表男女接吻时发出的响声


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